Shorten throughput time

When shortening throughput times in a production environment, you quickly think of faster production lines, robotization and possibly other automation. However, waste such as waiting times, failures, incorrect machine settings, unnecessary internal transport and storage often have a much bigger influence on the throughput time than the speed of a production line.

This is expressed in the OEE factor (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). This factor 0-100% represents the extent to which you make useful use of your asset(s). Given that this factor often does not even reach 45% for customers who choose the MyPlantFloor product at the start, it does indicate that there is more to gain in this area by eliminating losses (read waste) than by purchasing a new machine.

MyPlantFloor offers you all the tools to shorten your throughput time:

  • a detailed real-time insight into the incurred losses
  • a good basis for an improvement culture, everyone participates
  • all information important for the process always at hand
  • flexibility to expand to a full MES system and thus the ability to avoid losses
  • all possibilities to allow production, maintenance, logistics and quality departments to work together even better

In short: Anticipate instead of reacting.

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OEE software en MES systeem - Productiesoftware - Implementatie

Implementing structured improvements and shortening the throughput time?

With MyPlantFloor from Agilitec you are guaranteed an excellent OEE-system to significantly reduce waste on the shop floor. Feel free to ask our experts for more information or request a demo directly and experience it for yourself! Contact us, call +31 76 5156572 oor send an email to

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