Digital Quality Control

Quality control is not only important for guaranteeing the quality of your products or services, but also for possible process optimization. The digital quality control module fully integrates with the MyPlantFloor software and ensures a 100% paperless registration of quality control data. Both offline and online quality control.

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Online quality control

Digital quality control offers many advantages.

  • Save time in registering quality data, no printing, collecting and archiving.
  • Less workload for staff
  • Lower chance of errors
  • Structured information through detailed data collection incl. photo and video
  • Much shorter response time for correcting defects and/or deviations
  • Digital reporting, analysis and archiving
  • More clarity
  • Greater ease of use
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Establishing a consistent quality culture

The module is easy to set up within a few hours by yourself, possibly with the help of our consultants.

Also register quality data digitally?

With our quality control module you are guaranteed a perfect tool to be able to register quality data and to guarantee the quality. Would you like to request a demo to experience the benefits yourself? Contact us by calling +31 76 5156572 or send an email to

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