Shorten changeover times (SMED)

The time lost with changeover a line from one product to another is still one of the biggest OEE losses. Some see this loss as a fait accompli. However, our experience shows that by better preparation, optimization of the changeover actions, optimization of the planning sequence, a faster line release and better feedback, there is still a lot to be gained here.

SMED module

The SMED module contains a handy configurator with which you can divide the changeover process into changeover phases and procedures that are called on the basis of transitions of materials to be used in the Bill of Material of the products.

After configuration, the SMED module is able to generate fully documented changeover procedures with associated sign-off list(s) and to calculate the planned duration. (More info about the SMED method).

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Anticipating instead of reacting

Thanks to the SMED module, the following data is accessible to everyone well before the end of an order:

  • product specifications of the next order
  • the exact time of the changeover
  • fully documented changeover procedure with associated sign-off list
  • planned duration

The above information is also visible on the screens of the support services such as maintenance, logistics and quality. All necessary auxiliary troops, necessary materials, raw materials and tools can therefore be on site in time.

The operator can already start with the external changeover phases and indicate on the checklist.

Changeover time reduction

With the configurator you can determine the time for each changeover phase and you can choose “internal” or “external”. “External” means that the relevant changeover phase/step can be performed before the machine comes to a downtime.

By adapting to the machine or an improved method, changeover phase(s) can be carried out ever faster and the planned duration can therefore also be reduced. An adjustment in the planned phase time automatically applies to every changeover procedure of which it is part.

In the powerful report you will find a detailed picture of the progress made.

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Optimization of the order sequence due to planned changeover time duration

The calculated planned changeover time also forms an input for the graphical planning board, which graphically displays the planned changeover time. The graphical planning board also has a function on board to make a proposal for an ideal product order sequence.

Shorten changeover times without distorted OEE calculation

Another important advantage of the planned changeover time calculation is that planned changeover time does not have to be part of the OEE calculation. The Runout on the changeover time, of course. A changeover within the planned duration can still yield an OEE score of 100%. This is especially important for the morale of the operator, who otherwise immediately sees a large loss in the OEE measurement with a long changeover, with the result that the OEE is no longer taken seriously. Changeover completed earlier than planned is also rewarded with a lead on the schedule that is also clearly reported back.

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Request a demo and discover the benefits for yourself

Do you want to implement structured optimization steps and shorten changeover times? Agilitec has developed the SMED module within MyPlantFloor for this. Feel free to ask our experts for more information or request a demo and experience it for yourself! Contact us, call +31 76 5156572 or send an email to

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