Automatic downtime registration

Operators and/or maintenance staff normally provide reasons and comments for the losses incurred via a few push buttons in the user-friendly user interface. This justification of losses is done in the basic module (OEE +). However, when the number of operators is less than the number of machines, it is useful to automate loss justification with the automatic downtime registration module. Based on a number of digital inputs, this module ensures a fully automatic downtime registration of the losses.


Based on failure codes from the PLC, this module ensures that downtimes are justified (semi) automatically. Semi-automatic means that although the source of the faillure (machine in a line) is automatically indicated, the operator still has to choose the final cause.



  • less work for the operator
  • more accurate data
Downtime lean icoon - automatisch verliezen registreren - OEE software - OEE verbetering
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