Data Historian

The MyPlantFloor Data Historian stores large amounts of time-related data from the OT layer, quickly and easily in to a SQL Server database. For example: quality data, energy data, process data etc…. The Data Historian (Datalogger) is an add-on of the MyPlantFloor OEE/MES system and uses the same user interface. By combining storage and analysis of the process data and lean manufacturing data you get even more insight and information to improve your processes.

Datalogger - Historian - Procesdata-opslag - Rapport-QC-kwaliteitsanalyse
Datalogger - Historian - Procesdata-opslag - Rapport-doorzet-en-productieaantallen

Within MyPlantFloor there are several pages to view values. The data is processed every minute and shown via various reports.

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Datalogger icoon - Historian - Kwaliteitsbeheer - Quality control
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