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If you would like to calculate the OEE of your company, choose to have our OEE software installed. This gives you and everyone involved insight into OEE (losses) at any time of the day and the motivation to do better every day. Essential ingredients to improve business processes. MyPlantFloor, however, is much more than just an OEE system, because this core can be expanded in phases at any time with additional modules that help you convert the found losses into usable production capacity. In short: a modular, out-of-the-box solution that provides the information from the very first moment that leads to performance improvements within your company and thus a higher OEE.

Improving OEE starts with insight

Without insight, it is difficult to improve production processes and eliminate losses. Our OEE system includes software that uses the OEE formula to quickly and easily expose the unused capacity of your assets. MyPlantFloor can be linked to any type of machine, any process form and any ERP system. By default, all order and master data and energy data are also available online. The user interface of the OEE system is web based and works very fast on PC, tablet and smartphone. The screen structure is ergonomic and configurable and the system generates clear real-time insights. In this way, downtime, speed and quality losses are visualized more clearly and you can therefore respond more efficiently.

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Our engineers help you get started

If you want to use our OEE software to calculate the OEE in real-time, our engineers are happy to assist you. Anyone who chooses our OEE system will be completely relieved. All you need to do is improve the OEE with the data you receive. The installation and configuration are taken care of, but also any updates or extensions of the software will be done for you. If you want to make configuration changes at another time, you can do that yourself. Our OEE system has a clear and well-documented user interface that is easy to work with.

Better collaboration

Where you normally reacted to possible losses, our OEE software allows you to anticipate correctly. The real-time nature and the web-based architecture of the OEE software ensure that not only the operator, but also the Maintenance, Logistics and Quality departments are informed at any time of the day about what and when something is expected of them.


Request a demo for free

Calculating the OEE is extremely easy with the built-in formula in our software. Are you curious about our OEE system and do you want to know whether you can really improve the work processes with it? Feel free to request a demo from us. For this, please contact us via +31 76 5156572 or We are of course also happy to assist you with any questions.

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