Improve OEE in an injection molding process

The injection molding process differs in a number of ways from, for example, packing material or assembling parts. Injection molding machines often produce unmanned, have a relatively low production speed in terms of numbers and work with long-term orders. An operator manages several machines on a process technical level and regularly checks whether the products meet the quality requirements. Changeovers are made less often, but the changeover period is relatively long and complex due to the exchange of molds.

Optimize your injection molding process

MyPlantFloor has all the features and tools to make a significant contribution to a more efficient and paperless injection molding process.

  • Central processing of the production data and a web-based user interface (tablet per person) with which you have an overview of all machines and can easily switch to the details.
  • Graphical planning and accurate real time order end time indication so that you can plan the changeover activities as much as possible in the period that the technical service is present.
  • Notify before a changeover activity to start drying granulate for the next production order.
  • Energy management for a detailed insight into energy consumption per machine.
  • Online quality control for the digital processing of (visual) product checks.
  • Mold management.
  • Variable multiplicity per stroke.
  • More efficient maintenance management

Optimize your injection molding machines too?

With our production software you are guaranteed to have a perfect tool to improve the OEE in an injection molding process. Would you like to request a demo to experience the benefits yourself? Contact us by calling +31 76 5156572 or email info@

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